Sunday, March 21, 2010


Hi all.
I know that, for now, there is noone to see this blog; but it is a matter of time before I have some followers.

I do intend to update my blogs periodically.

The question is 'Who am I writing for?'
Is it for me? Is it for you? or Is it for us?

I expect it to be for us. This, sharing of information, exchange of opinions, debate (if so) on issues, should benifit both of us as people. We must use this platform to grow as people and enrich our minds.

That should be the ultimate goal. There is much to share.

We are nothing else but 'our experiences and our belief systems'.

I have experienced all strata of society, been there, done that. As I am sure you have as well.

So, off to a new beginning.
More later.

Vikram Tuli


  1. every journey begins with single step.... n every step takes u closer to ur destination....
    its just the matter of time and the time is close...
    i'll be looking forward to read your blog, tell us about your film and how it all began...


  2. Way to go my friend keep it up! All the best

  3. Vikram I believe that you are gonna give the chopras and johars a run for their money. Id bet my last penny on your money being a super duper hit. Your sensitivity is the breatest asset to your creativity.

    when the acclaims roar in your life......mine will be drowned by the im going on now to say.....WELL DONE VICKY I AM PROUD OF YOU

    lotsa love
    dr yusuf merchant

  4. My heartiest wishes for a new beginning. I look forward to reading your blog and sharing on this platform:)


  5. hey buddy...our association goes long time back and I for one know for sure the pain that you have been through to see your dream coming on celluloid...we have begun well...I am sure that the pain will translate into sweet success shortly...all the best

  6. sir,
    i m new to this community..
    but, i think sharing good, informative and positive thoughts are the need of time,so plz keep writing......all the best.