Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Story Teller

The Story Teller.

Two people read the same novel. One copy for each. It takes the same amount of time for them to read it and both say that they have enjoyed the book and seen two different visuals.

Each person has seen exactly what he/she visualized while reading the book. Even though the author was very descriptive about the location, settings, feel of each chapter, what he cannot do, is ensure that each person sees exactly the same visuals in their mind.

People’s imaginations are based on what they have seen, either in movies or in real. Have heard by people and media etc. Each person has a set of rules in his/her head. The universe operates (for that person) according to the rules set by them.

Sometimes the story is not flawed by the story teller is. For example if I seek to loose weight and a friend who is quite obese gives me tips on healthy eating and losing weight I feel like, and I said FEEL LIKE, slapping the person. What I do instead is nod and change the topic. How can my friend who is way too fat tell me about losing weight?

If the same tips were given to me by another person who is fit and healthy and looks like Hulk Hooligan (for want of a better name) I would eagerly hear what is being said.

It is same thing when we write scripts. The power of narration can tip the balance for or against the script. The listener or reader’s perception can also be swayed by what he thinks of me. He may think I am an idiot but won’t be vocal about it. He may be indifferent towards me because at that time he might be worried about another issue in his life.

Over time I have figured out that there is nothing called a good narration. A narration is a narration. We have good listeners or bad listeners.

Many scripts have not been made, many people have lost hope and given up, many have gone back to their home place or taken up another trade. NOT because they had a bad script but because they came across bad listeners.

So are we to base our lives and careers on a stroke of luck? And pray that we get only good listeners???

No. What we ought to do is this….

Write something spectacular. Then re-write it…. Then re-write is 3 more times… polishing the stone till it has a mirror finish… Then the listener has NO OTHER OPTION, other than to sit up in his seat and give you the attention that you deserve.

Now it does not matter what he thinks of me. Nor does it matter where I come from. What matters is the story. Please… please tell me… what happens next????

There you go…. Success.

The film may or may not be made. The script may or may not work eventually. But I have got a good listener.

I hope this post may help somebody someday.

More later….
ps. your comments are valued